Ruimte voor actuele kunst


Suchan Kinoshita: A und O, 2018

Editie van 20 unieke silkscreen prints + 4 AP, gesigneerd

Leem of chocolade op papier (5 x lemen A, 5 x lemen O, 5 x chocolade A, 5 x chocolade O)

Afmetingen: 84 x 59,5 cm

prijs enkele print A of O: € 400 incl. BTW / voor Sympathisanten LLS: € 320

prijs dubbele print A en O: € 750 incl. BTW / voor Sympathisanten LLS: € 600


For the production of this edition Suchan Kinoshita was inspired by what surrounded her when she moved to Brussels and started to work in her new house: clay in the ground, a chocolatier in the neighbourhood. With these two materials she wanted to make prints of the two vowels in the alphabet that summarised her transition and was a recurring element in the exhibition at LLS Paleis: CAOS. In order to make prints in clay she had to add water to it, in order to make prints in chocolate, she had to heat the material. The kitchen as the artist’s studio, not only metaphorically…