Ruimte voor actuele kunst

LLS 387

Michael Curran and Louisa Minkin

Sunset is an all day process

14.03.2008 — 03.05.2008

Louisa Minkin (°1964) and Michael Curran (°1963) are two London based artists.
Louisa Minkin`s practice originates in painting, but expands its boundaries through the use of multiple means and technologies: animation, performance, installation, printmaking and writing.
Michael Curran works with video and film, his practice also encompasses drawing, object-making, sound and live performance. Like Minkin, his practice is not bound to media but to inquiry.

Both are involved in the unsettling play required to disrupt the existing forms and structures of art-making. This collaboration involves a refiguring of mythic and allegoric characters and a displacement of both image and narrative allowing associative interpretation, while refusing fixed or prescribed readings.

The exhibition at LLS 387 is enabling the artists to locate and develop their inquiry in situ and over time. In Sunset is an all day process Louisa Minkin and Michael Curran bring together elements of work made together and separately to explore the ebbs and flows of opportunity. The results exhibited derive from encounters between the artists in the weeks running up to the opening. In addition together they have recorded a disco-chanson, “Neon Glow”, dedicated to Antwerp by Night.
They are currently working in the space, Minkin making a large-scale wall painting, Curran constructing a series of clay sculptures, both engaged in an all day and indeed all night process.

And who are you?
Time who subdues all things.
Why do you stand on tip-toe?
I am ever running.
And why you have a pair of wings on your feet?
I fly with the wind.
And why do you hold a razor in your right hand?
As a sign to men that I am sharper than any sharp edge.
And why does your hair hang over your face?
For him who meets me to take me by the forelock.

With thanks to Michael Curran and Louisa Minkin, Filip Gilissen, Francine Moye, Ria Pacquée, Morad Saïdi, Daniel Santos Chiu, Luc Van Tichel, de Witte Zaal and Grant Watson (Muhka).

In het kader van Wenedelien Oldenborgh’s project “Lecture/Audience/Camera” in het Muhka werden volgende films getoond:
zondag 13 april 2008:
Michael Curran en Louis Minkin: “Nightwatchman: Roll it Back!” (2005; 17’)
zondag 27 apri 2008:
Michael Curran: “Disclaimer” (1993;5’) en “Fistula” (1995;22’)

Twilight Finissage:
zaterdag 8 mei 2008: Performance door Michael Curran